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Last updated 11 August 2007
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August 2007 (88kb)


Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Book auction

Open Garden Dr. Dale Dixon’s garden “Gondwana"

Termites - Dr. Brian Thistleton


July 2007 (646 kb)

Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Effects of cyclone Monica - Dr Garry Cooke

Palmerston Walk

Call for volunteers biodiversity study at Territory Wildlife Park

June 2007 (961 kb)

Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Plant Propagation Techniques:

  • Woodland Species - Marj King

  • Rainforest/Monsoon Forest species - Russell Dempster

May Field Trip

World Environment Day

Gunn Peninsula Site Inspection 23/24 June - Grusha Leeman

Boronia quadrilata Survey Arnhemland - Russell Dempster & Melina McDowell

May 2007 (1.3 Mb)

Coming events

Seed collecting - Marj King

Field trip report Fogg Dam - Sally Jacka

April 2007 (250 kb)

Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Fly River PNG - Ian Morris

Field Trip to Charles Darwin National Park: Nervilea peltata Survey, 18 March.

Plants that heal, thrill and kill by Wee Yeow Chin - Book review Geoff Gaskill

March 2007 (117 kb)

Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Field Trip to weed Microcitrus gracilis

Acacia spectra

Ecos article - Denise Goodfellow

February 2007 (404 kb)

Coming events

Committee meeting matters

Talk on local park management Kristen Appel, Senior Ranger Parks & Wildlife

Bryce Courtenay’s pond - Denise Goodfellow

January 2007 (285kb)

Coming events

Christmas party at Berry Springs

Coolalinga plant sale

AGM Report      

November 2006 (654 kb)

Coming events

Arts and science combine for wild rice conservation

Aqua Green August fieldtrip

AGM agenda

October 2006 (616 kb)

Coming events

Acacia limbata

Greening Australia URGENT REQUEST “Gardening and Landscaping/Native Plants in the Top End”

Polygala taxonomy - Raelee Kerrigan

September 2006 (60 kb)

Coming events

Roses are red, violets are blue, grass is green and leaves are too: Except when they are pink, or blue or red. But why?
Carnivorous plants of the NT
Seek out what makes us unique

August 2006 (194 kB)

Coming events
Aquatic, Horticulture and Ranaculture
TENPS Wetland Wander (May 2006 field trip in Humpty Doo) Species list
Spines, prickles, wire plants, divaricates… how plants defend themselves against vertebrate browsers
Are you interested accessing, using or contributing to the TENPS Database?

July 2006 (42 kB)

Coming events

June 2006 (453 kB)

Coming events
Wetlands Wander - flowering wetlands near Solar village
Wild Flowers and Forest Giants
What's in flower this time of year
Gardening and Landscaping with NT locals
Environment Day

May 2006 (569 kB)

Coming events
April 2006 Open Garden Scheme Report
Greater Darwin Arterial Roads Landscape Masterplan
Patagonia- Where the forces of Nature are raw & impressive
Some things the Committee has been up to in the last month
World Environment Day Expo

April 2006 (222 kB)

Coming events
Arnhem Land Plateau Vegetation
The Magnificent Araucaria Of New Caledonia
Preliminary Results From The 2005 And 2006 Assessments Of Nervilia Peltata At Charles Darwin National Park

March 2006 (374 kB)

Coming events
Willie's Open Garden
Speargrass, fuel and fire
Visit to Western Arnhemland
Plant propagation weekend
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? 
Call for past Newsletters
Native plants of Northern Australia - Ammendments

February 2006 ( 525 kB)

Coming events
Adelaide River Field Trip
The elusive Nervilia peltata
David Liddle talk on Ptychosperma bleerseri
Weeding Citris gracilis
Australia's wattles keep the name Acacia
What was flowering over Christmas holidays
Request from Greening Australia
Helicteres isora and Malvaceae Info web site

December 2005 (1120 kB)

Coming events
Presidents Report to the AGM
Treasurer's Report to the AGM
Plant Taxonomy Part 2
What’s the TENPS Committee up to? 
"The Unique Ecosystems of the Arnhem Plateau" by Ian Morris
Favourite Flora from New Zealand

November 2005 (708 kB)

Coming events
Seed Collection and Plant Propagation Workshop
Darwin Palm update
Request for Fairy Garden plants
Constitution Update
Plant Taxonomy
Guidelines for Preparation and Sale of Propagated Plants
What’s in Flower this month?

October 2005 (632 kB)

Coming events
TENPS Constitutional Changes 
What’s in Flower this month?
Gudjekbinj Baby Dreaming: Denise Lawungkur Goodfellow
Pandanus Weaving
Strange things on leaves? 
Summary Draft Northern Territory Parks & Conservation Masterplan

September 2005 (997kB)

Flora of Namibia
Report from 2005 Tropical Garden Spectacular 
Lyons subdivision visit with Landcare
Litchfield Plant ID workshop
What’s in Flower this month?  Canthium shultzii, Opilia amentacaea
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? 

August 2005 (554Kb)

In memory of Joyce Stobo
New Consitution
2005 NT Threatened Species Art and Photography Exhibition 
What’s in Flower this month?  Calytrix achaeta & Erythina variegata
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? 
Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants: Trees, Shrubs and Vines 

July 2005 (722 kB)

Life Membership for Joyce Stobo
Future Directions for Landscape Ecology in Northern Australia: Building on the Lessons from Palms and Termites. Professor David Bowman
Daly Region Community Reference Group: Brief Summary Of The Draft Report Of November 2004
Itinerary for Plant Identification Workshop, Saturday 30th to Monday 1st August 2000
Our Garden - Sally Jacka
2005 NT Threatened Species Art and Photography Exhibition 
Book Launch - 'A Guide to Threatened, Near Threatened and Data Deficient Plants in the Litchfield Shire of the Northern Territory'
What’s in Flower this month?  Dendrolobuim affine
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? 
Create a Top End Cottage Garden 
Poor recovery of woody vegetation on sand and gravel mines in the Darwin region of the Northern Territory
Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants: Trees, Shrubs and Vines 

June 2005 (327 kB) 

Carbon flux in the Savanna by Lindsay Hutley
Plant sales
Open garden appeal
Megapodius reinwaldt: a bane or a blessing?
What’s in Flower this month?  Grevillea aurea & Eucalyptus miniata
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? 

May 2005 (640kB)

How to Study Seed Germination and The Millennium Seed Bank by Sean Bellairs
Native Garden and Revegetation Works at Darwin Airport
Nervilia peltata Revealed
Morinda citrifolia
What’s in Flower this month?
Meehan's Place
Survival in the Shadows
Friends of Lord Howe Island
What’s the TENPS Committee Meeting Up to? - Oriole Street

April 2005 (963 kB)

Dipodium stenochilum, a ground orchid found in Charles Darwin National Park 
The ecology of Leichhardt's Grasshopper: when life is dependent upon a select group of plants
What's in flower in April
Wildflower rambles
What's the TENPS Committee up to?
Eucalyptus book review

March 2005 (437 kB)

"Why evergreen in Australian tropical savannas?" Dr Lynda Prior B.Sc. (Agric) (Hons) PhD
What's flowering in March
My Native Garden - Geoff Gaskell

February 2005 (410kB)

Submission from TENPS to the Draft Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan for the Northern Territory
2005 Power And Water Environmental Excellence Awards
What's flowering in February
What's the TENPS Committee up to?

January 2005 (1.2MB) 

Our Rural Block by Steve Popple
What's flowering in January

December 2004 (677kB) 

Goodenia "undescribed"
Streetscapes of Darwin
What's flowering in December
What's the TENPS Committee up to?
Botanical internship
Membership survey results
Fencing Bankers jungle
50th Anniversary of the NT Herbarium

November 2004 (498 kB)

The Daly River
What's flowering in November
Summary from  2004 AGM
Summary from latest committee meeting
My Family

October 2004 (134kB)

Are Australian wattles Acacias? Sean Belairs
Ptychosperma bleeseri Notes from a talk by Dr Dave Liddle by Russell Dempster

September 2004 (592kB) 

Threatened Species in the NT: August Meeting Report from a talk by Jarrad Holmes
2004 Tropical Garden Spectacular Report

August 2004 (110kB) 

In Pursuit of Plants: a report on a talk given by Phil Short, taxonomist with the NT Herbarium

July 2004 (458kB)

News on Citris Gracilis
Report on Daminmin Jungle field trip
General meeting report
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan for the NT
and Parks & Conservation Masterplan

June 2004 (955 kB)

Cycads with David Liddle Woodland to Grassland: the future for the Top End: Report on the April talk.
Monitoring of Citris gracilis at Sayer Road: Report on two field trips
Steve Popple Darwin Urban Landcare Extension Officer. Report on talk
Report from Howard River field trip to examine Sand sheet flowers
Botany of Stylidiums or trigger plants

May 2004 (338 kB) plus May Supplement Woodlands to Grasslands David Liddle April Talk (287 kB) 

Litchfield National Park Easter trip report

April 2004 (300 kB) plus April Supplement Nervilia Field Trip in Charles Darwin NP (461 kB)

Sayer Rd working bee

March 2004 (148 kB)

Flora of Australia online
In memory of Graham Young

February 2004 (199 kB)

Presidents report for 2003
Treasurers report for 2003
Objects of the Top End Native Plant Society.

November 2003 (256 kB)

Casuarina Coastal Reserve Field trip report
Life, Mass-flowering and Death in a Long-lived Tropical Bamboo by Don Flanklin

October 2003 (550kB)

Holmes Jungle Field trip report

September 2003 (652 kB)

Seed germination and dormancy of Australian native plant by Sean Belair

August 2003 (1,119 kB)

A Glimpse Of The Islands of Arnhem Land by Ian Morris from reported by Russell Dempster
Tropical Gardens Spectacular report

July 2003 (204 kB)

Field trip to Phil Hickey’s block near the Blackmore River
A 40-year journey of observations on the effect of cyclones, fire, human disturbance and buffalo by Strider 

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